Better Toothbrush KIDS

Especially for children available in various cheerful designs.

The unique design of the Better Toothbrush stimulates and cleans the gums while brushing your teeth. The Better Toothbrush truly gives you a fresh feeling during and after brushing your teeth. From now on you can easily maintain healthy gums while brushing your teeth.

  • Clean and healthy teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Clean oral cavity
  • Prevents infections
  • Prevents gum recession

Why stimulate the gums?

  • Stimulating the gums ensures better blood circulation and prevents and heals infections. Healthy gums are directly linked to healthy teeth.
  • Stimulating the gums stimulates blood circulation in the gums and helps keep the gums healthy, strong and supple.
  • Healthy gums are important! Dentists advise their patients to regularly stimulate their gums as part of keeping their teeth healthy.
  • For a fresh and clean feeling.
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